Monday, August 3, 2009

Why Use an Interior Designer

It is the job of the Interior Designer to design a beautiful and stylish environment for you keeping in mind the strong need for comfort, function and quality. The relationship between designer and client is one of trust, respect and friendship as I learn and interpret your needs, tastes and uses for the space we are working on.

Benefits of Using An Interior Designer -

  • Provide Solutions - every home presents its own set of challenges such as the size and shape of your space, architecture and light management, and color coordination. My expertise lies in my ability to identify these challenges and provide solutions in the form of an organized plan.
  • Draw up floor plans simplifying traffic flow while choosing furniture maximizing the use of your space.
  • Provide color schemes based on scientific color theory knowing which colors and designs work together, which do not and the why of both.
  • Design Window Treatments that are unique, beautiful and practical suited to your specific needs. Great opportunity exists for long term savings when taking into account heat loss and retention in these designs.
  • Guidance - knowledge of spatial relations, textile science, furniture construction and social relationships allows me to guide you through this process of selection knowing the reason for each piece and placement.
  • Save You Money in the long run by providing a "Strategic Purchasing Plan" giving you sound advice regarding your project preventing you from making expensive mistakes in your selections.

Best of all I can provide these services for you Free of Charge through Ethan Allen Design Center here in Lake Oswego. Contact me for more information or the make an In-Home Consultation (also free of charge).

Terri Eichen - 503-639-9676 or

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